Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bloglog Stardate 20040902

This is the beginning of what is to be a film diary in general and the central access point for my TIFF reviews 2004. My intent is to update this daily via wireless access points in Toronto. And after the film festival this year continue it as a repository of ideas, thoughts, comments and observations in my voracious consumption of cinematic media.

Sounds pretentious doesn't it.

Well I'm counting that it is a dash of insight, a pinch of pretentiousness a load of interesting film reviews hopefully leavened with spark of inspiration here and there.

Screening tonite: Roger Dodger. I am so much in love with the dialogue in this film and the way Roger (Swanson?) uses his monologues to give the audience his current, constantly shifting mood. Otherwise the man has a poker face. Still, you get the sense that Nick (his nephew) has a lot more going on when it comes to forming a meaningful releationship, even though it messes with any short term plans over the course of the movie. Roger is entirely short-term. He talks the long talk, "Winning Time" and such, but lashes out like a child at his boss, wants things now. etc. Again, fascinating character study with a lot of humour at the expense of both genders.

Isn't it funny that most films involving two guys going through a 'relationship' ordeal nearly always end in a physical scuffle. The fight between Nick and Roger outside the brothel (in the garbage bags) reminded me a lot of the Randall/Dante scuffle in the conveinence store aisle at the end of Clerks.

Thus ends the first entry in this blog. We shall see what the future holds.


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