Thursday, September 16, 2004


Eros is one of those anthology films which makes art-cinema fans drool. Three 30 minute films on the erotic from master directors. War Kong Wai. Stephen Soderbergh. Michelangelo Antonioni.
Sure they are all good well done shorts. "The Hand" is about the relationship of a tailor has to the right escort he makes close for, it is all through sound and touch. "Equlibrium" takes place in a psychiatrists (always perfect Alan Arkin) office as a hyper-stressed marketing guy (Robert Downey Jr. doing his thing) talks about his dream of the woman standing in a doorway and how it realates to the invetion of the Snooze Alarm (yes it is vaguely-erotic comedy). "The Dangerous Thread of Things" is so typically Antonioni it will please his fans (i'm one of those!) and annoy everyone else (99.8% of the planet). If you couldn't guess, it involves emotionally distant well-to-do rich folks wandering though landscapes which reflect thier emotional states and tell the story more clearly than the acting. (The Hand by Wai starring Gong Li was my favorite of the three if you were wondering as much for mood as for Christopher Doyle's (Hero) heartstopping cinematography), but they make you wish that the film makers would make full features rather than short subjects.


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