Tuesday, November 16, 2004


The 1970's is widely regarded as a landmark decade for American Film. It was a time when the mainstream films were edgy, non-formulaic and gritty. Sex and Violence were brought to new levels, and films were actually discussed rather than the Box-Office receipts. Perhaps in the top three films released in that decarde was Roman Polanski's "CHINATOWN" (The other two? The Godfather and Taxi Driver). Set in the 1940s in Los Angeles, a private detective is asked by a gorgeous Femme Fatale to investigate the death of her late husband. This leads to a hive of corruption on both the goverment and domestic levels thoughout the city in a completely unexpected fashion. Come out and see this unpredictable modern film noir on a big screen, the way this movie was intended to be seen.


Blogger grace said...

what the hell? i don't blog for 3 days and you've got a buttload of new flicks for me to read about. damn.

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