Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Welcome to the St. Valentine's Day edition of KBT. And what better way to celebrate the western worlds 'day of love' than watching a young Thai martial artist travel to Australia to break bad guys in half in a quest to rescue his beloved elephant? So isn't that what we're all asking in our own lives -- 'where's my elephant?' I know that's what I've been asking.

Tom Yum Goong is the second film from director Prachya Pinkaew featuring world-wide action sensation Tony Jaa. KBT has screened Pinkaew's Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (KBT#16) and the stunt co-ordinator's side project, Born to Fight (KBT#28), which did not feature Jaa but was a hilarious tribute to bad Chuck Norris films of the 1980s. With the success of Ong-bak around the world, this time around the budget is much bigger and the look of the film is more polished, but from the sounds of things the script is not much better. But really, is anyone watching this sort of film looking for realistic drama? I cannot comment much further, as I am more or less screening Tom Yum Goong sight unseen (other than a couple glances to make sure the movie and subtitles worked on the projector set-up). I do know that the action scenes are plentiful and said to be a step up from Ong-bak, and that is enough to sell me on the issue: Lots of glass, flames in the background during Tekken-esque fight scenarios and a smack-down with Australian strongman and all around colossus Nathan Jones. And Elephants.

Yes, St. Valentines Day needs fewer greeting cards and more Elephants.

Come out at Tuesday February 14th at 8pm for a Vernors & Gibson's Finest. Trailers and showtime at 8:30pm.


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