Monday, September 04, 2006

KBT on Hold for TIFF 2006

There will be no KBT screenings for the month of September, as my time will be occupied watching over 35 films and hopefully reviewing two thirds of that number during the Toronto International Film Festival (September 8-16). Reviews will first be posted to Twitchfilm, but they will end up on this blog eventually - with more hyperlinks. Also, a best-of list for this years TIFF films (that I've seen anyway) will show up around Sunday September 17th. The theme for this years is 'Slumming' as I am seeing almost all genre-type films and leaving most of the arty stuff alone. There are a few notable exceptions: The new Guy Maddin film (if I'm lucky enough to get a ticket between now and Friday. Brand Upon the Brain! is a hot ticket to get due to the live orchestra component (the film is silent) making it only a single screening), the new Werner Herzog film, the new Hong Sang-soo film, John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus and Ki-duk Kim's Time.

Below is the list of films I am aiming to see at this years festival (links go to TIFF catalogue page):

Friday September 8,
Brand Upon the Brain!
The Host

Saturday September 9,
Ten Canoes
King and the Clown
Rescue Dawn
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Sunday September 10,
Jade Warrior
Black Sheep

Monday September 11,
For Your Consideration
End of the Line
Un Crime
The Abandoned

Tuesday September 12,
Everything's Gone Green
The Half Life of Timofey Berezin
Trapped Ashes

Wednesday September 13,
Pan's Labyrinth
The Last Winter
Election 2

Thursday September 14,
The Fountain

Friday September 15, 2006

Saturday September 16, 2006
The Wake
The Banquet
Invisible Waves
Woman on the Beach


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