Thursday, December 14, 2006

KBT Presents: DIE HARD

"Now I have a Machine Gun. Ho. Ho. Ho."

KBT plans to bring on the yuletide spirit with balding Bruce beating up the baddies as John "Yippee-ki-yay" McClane. Die Hard is without a doubt one of the key action pictures of the most testosterone-action fueled decade of cinema. It started the entire "Die Hard on a ..." sub-genre of action pictures. And it not only made Bruce Willis a star, but somehow catapulted him into the holy trinity of eighties action heroes along with Arnie and Sly (guys so tough they had to go into the restaurant business which proved more formidable than eastern European or Middle-Eastern terrorists). The film is set during a huge Christmas party at a Japanese owned corporate tower in Los Angeles and features some vintage Run DMC Christmas music. Where it lacks in string lights, it more than makes up with C4 explosions.

But really, the linchpin of Die Hard is the villain, Alan Rickman, who for those born in the 1970s may still be known for playing Hans Gruber over any of his more 'actor-ly' roles in film or on stage. It is Rickman that gets to deliver the calm confident speeches about Alexander the Great which eventually turn into incredulous disbelief as McClane goes army-of-one and develops the original 'Die Hard Situation.'

Wry humour, working-man-cop-bonding, making up with the ex, and defeating highly organized terrorists are all in a days work. 'Tis the Season.


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