Thursday, May 03, 2007


OK, after screening one of the great American films of the current decade, KBT is going to backslide to pure cheeseball fun. This week we have the big budget Russian version of either The Beast Master or Krull. The opening sequence which sees a boy child in an idyllic village witness the slaughter of said village before growing up to a warrior will more likely than not rekindle that 80's nostalgia for B-Fantasy films. When our hero sets out for revenge and what appears to be a pet fruitbat with a young lady (and obligatory breast shot) and a blind old man who can see the future. Well you will know from these few words whether or not you are going to like this film.

I'll go on to say that the film does not exist anywhere (to my knowledge) with English subtitles, but I've got well produced Russian DVD with and a very good subtitle track downloaded off the internet from some kind soul fluent in English and Russian.

Come out for a bit of mayhem and silliness that doesn't take itself too serious, but isn't a parody either. Just an offbeat fun time. Drinks at 8pm. Showtime at 8:30pm.


Anonymous Ross said...

Hey man, Ross here. I lsiten to you (and Andrew) frequently on the Movie Patron cinecast. I have heard you all the time talking about your home theatre thing and I always wondered what it looked like. Well I was checking out the Movie Patron blog and came across your Blog. :) I use the same site ( and my page looks quite similar to yours (black with white text). Check out my blog if you get a minute ( and also check out my website Movie World (click my name at the top of my reply inc ase you didn't know:P)

Anyway man great blog and I will be sure to come back often.

P.S. - Have you heard Andrew talking about I was just wondering you have joined it and have a profile? I would love to see how my movie tastes comapre yours.



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