Wednesday, September 29, 2004

KBT: Technical Difficulties

Yesterdays attempted screening of Infernal Affairs was brought to a screeching halt as the PC engine behind the theater went defunct. Probably heat problems...I'm the only person who would stick a PC into a closet. An emergency screening for those gathered there (probably the biggest KBT turnout of all time, so Murphy's Law was in full effect) of RONIN was held in place of Infernal Affairs. Because to make matters complicated, the subtitles wouldn't work on my Laptop (which ended up driving the projector, sans 5.1 sound. Of course to make matters worse, my RONIN DVD failed utterly with only 15 minutes left of the screening. Fortuantely I had a RIP onhand. So with a 5 minute bathroom break, the screening came limping to a conclusion. For all those who come to future screenings (I'm expecting less due to this minor debacle which went until 11:30pm) hopefully this will not happen again! That being said, RONIN is a fine example of the spy genre, post Cold war, pre-WarOnTeror. There are great performances from a brilliant American/Euro Cast including Natasha McElhone, Jonathon Pryce, Sean Bean, Robert DeNiro, Jean Reno and the darkly mesmerizing Stellen Skarsgaard. Subtly indirect dialogue, and a story that just keeps on veering off in different directions. I'm happy to have shown it to the crowd which, despite screening errors, seemed to dig it a lot.
Infernal Affairs will be attempted again...sometime soon...


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