Saturday, September 18, 2004

Rahtree: Flower of the Night

Rahtree is one of the rarest of films that succesfully blends Drama, Horror and Comedy into a satisfying whole. It's the Exoricist fused with the sensibility of Benny Hill. Larger than life characters which could only be described as Thai-trash (think trailer parks in Bangkok) attempt to purge the ghost that has taken residence in their high-rise appartment building. Several holy figures (from many religions) as well as the police, scam-artists, and even hair-dressers file into the appartment hoping to get rid of it.
Thai genre cinema should be getting international attention with entries such as Rahtree, Ong Bak and 6ixtynin9. They both scream out to the world to be seen and enjoyed by hardcore genre fans who will get the references to the western films as well as the recent asian horror revival (Ju-on, The Eye, and The Ring)


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