Friday, October 01, 2004

Unconventional Movie Reviews

Here is a strange tidbit picked up from the New York Times (free reg. required). Chemical and Engineering News, the publication of the American Chemical Society is now running movie reviews which spend as much time or more reviewing the science in the movie rather than the drama, narrative, acting etc. They give a thumbs up to The Day After Tomorrow because 'Rather than disliking the movie because much of it is physically and thermodynamically impossible—even under the most extreme of plausible climate scenarios—I found myself intrigued, recalling what has happened recently and imagining what could happen in the future.'
Scary Stuff Kids. Even the reviewer here admits to banal dialogue and unconvincing human characters.
There is also a review of Gattaca. It gets well-deserved praise, but not much comment on the science.
It is always interesting to see what perspective people come at the subject of reviewing movies. Even if the coverage here is a little slight. But even the fact that they have a few column inches in CEN is startling. Hey and if you look closely at the picture above, you will see the caption on computational computing is actually the post colon (:) tagline of Terminator 3. Perhaps there is more movie stuff in the magazine that expected!


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