Tuesday, November 23, 2004


It is1931 in Berlin. Outside a political storm is brewing, but the action is at the Kit Kat Klub. Along with the rise of Nazi-ism came the decadence of S&M and bisexuality. This is Bob Fosse's lush 1972 musical for which he won the Best Director Oscar. Come out and see a premiere star, Liza Minelli, before she turned into a freak-show, a la Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. See Michael York before he ran Logan's Run or became Basil Exposition.
This is living in the moment, and a desparate need for fun 30 years before Baz Lurhman put Nicole Kidman in similar clothes and called it Moulin Rouge. I can't say much more about the film because I have not seen it yet myself. Since I love Bob Fosse's sense of style and choreography, and the 'classic' status of this film, I've been itching to see it on a big screen.

The show will be the usual time and place: 8:30pm at Kurt & LJs, Tuesday Night. Hope to see you, see it.


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