Tuesday, January 18, 2005

KBT Presents: 3-IRON

This weeks KBT Presentation is a brilliant take on the disconnect between reality and fantasy in modern society. A homeless man drifts through a city squatting in homes where the owners are on vacation. He eats some of their food, takes a shower, sleeps in their bed and usually takes a picture of his stay. He repays the favour by fixing little things in their house. In one home he is caught by one of the owners, a young woman who used to be a model, but is now a housewife. She has bruises on her face. She leaves with him and joins him in his benevolent squatting. They are sometimes caught by the owners and some less than pleasant things happen. It is a difficult movie to describe. There is almost no dialogue, much in the same way of Kim Ki-Duk's previous film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring. In the complexities of modern living, every person has a way to deal with the unpleasant parts. Television, a vacation to the lake, perhaps a theme park, a round of golf or even holing up in your house and not going out, can offer a temporary escape. When the escape eclipses the reality, priorities get turned around and life can become surreal and disconnected. The 'hero' of 3-iron lives each day of his life in a new small microcosm of reality and manages to bring in someone else for a very unique connection.

While not for all tastes (it's a bit slow), those that connect with this picture are in for an experience. It easily made my Top 10 films of 2004. It does not open in North American theatres until April 29th, 2005 (NY & LA only, with possible expansion after this date).

Please come by for drinks at 8:15pm, trailers & showtime are approximately 8:30 pm.


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