Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Welcome to the first KBT of 2005. Completing the string of comedies from December 2004, KBT Presents Bottle Rocket. There is a sublime perfection to Wes Anderson's first film. It is a small film with only a couple characters. It has a simple story. And the comedy is low key. But the details, the performances and the rich characters make it just 'complete.' It is in a very small group of films that could be classed as high-brow slacker films (see also The Big Lebowski and Slacker) The movie also marks the acting debuts of both the Wilson Brothers, Luke and Owen who have been ubiquitous as of since Bottle Rockets release in 1996, particularly Owen. Here they play best friends, one who is so enthuiastic and naieve it is infectuous (note his 75 year crime-plan), the other, laid back and protective (he checked himself into a mental hospital for 'exhaustion' because he was asked whether or not he wanted to waterski one day). With the help of their high-strung friend Bob, they plan a series of heists to impress a local petty-crime boss (James Caan) into hiring them on his crew.
It is quirky, original and not for all tastes, but then again those three descriptors describe all of Anderson's films. If you enjoyed any or all of Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic or you just want to a 'different' american film, come by tonight (Tuesday, January 4th) at 8:15 for drinks. Trailers and showtime are at 8:30pm.


Blogger grace said...

i'll be there at 8 :P

i looooved this movie!!!

well, i adore the wilson brothers... oh, luke! oh, owen!

sorry. i'm okay now... hehe :P

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