Tuesday, May 03, 2005


With a title that can be read two different ways, Enduring Love attempts to ask some very big questions in some very subtle ways. Two men meet under very unusual circumstances in what starts out as a very normal picnic in the sun. After their shared 'moment,' one begins to obsess on the other, dogging his life. Based on Ian McEwan's novel, it questions whether life is dictated by fate or chance, and along the way touches on varied subjects as love, forgiveness, homosexuality, science and chaos.
You may have caught director Roger Mitchell's Changing Lanes a couple years ago, It is a flawed but fascinating film about selfishness, rage, and the failure to communicate in the modern world. Mitchell can give a relatively mainstream treatment of subjects rarely even attempted in a modern studio film. And hey, he managed to get fine performances out of Ben Affleck and Amanada Peet; Bless him for that. But here, he has a trio of interesting actors: The always brilliant Samanta Morton, newly minted leading man Daniel Craig (also starring in the upcoming British gangster flick, Layer Cake) and an unconventional character actor Rhys Ifans.

Come out for this unconventional thriller. Drinks 8pm, Showtime 8:30pm.


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