Tuesday, March 08, 2005


KBT Proudly Presents one of the very few Sci-Fi Western Musical Comedy Space Operas you are ever likely to see. A film from the avant garde performance band The Billy Nayer Show, the American Astronaut is a delightful collection of set-pieces and non-sequitors thrown together with visual gusto. The plot is simple enough. Samuel Curtis, a space courier (who has probably never made the Kessel Run in 7 parsecs) makes his living by transporting oddities around the solar system. His current mission, given to him by the Blueberry Pirate while delivering a cat to a run-down bar on an asteroid off of Jupiter, is to take a clone-embryo of a 'real, live girl' to Jupiter in exchange for the 'Boy-Who-Has-Actually-Seen-A-Womans-Breast' (and entertains the all male worker-population of Jupiter with the story on a nightly basis to keep morale up) so he can exchange him to the women on Venus who won't give up the corpse of their old 'stud' until he is replaced with a living man. The body of the stud (Johnny-R) can than be taken to Earth for a princely sum of money. This would be easy and all, if not for the evil Professor Hess chasing Curtis around the solar system killing everyone who he has had contact with, Okies holed up in a barn drifting in space, and the occasional need to break into song for no apparent reason.
The black and white cinematography is gorgeous and gritty, the comedy is dry and dead-pan, and the musical numbers are toe-tapping (with the possible exception of one called "Rio Yeti" which is grating and one of the only flaws in the film). It is likely, (if anyone shows up for this film at all), that I may never have a KBT audience again after this...The film is that weird...But for fans of the Sci-fi adventure genre (Star Wars and Buckaroo Banzai in particular) there are many mocking, some of them quite subtle, nods and there is a creative zest and performance zeal which has certainly been lacking from the typical high-budget, glossy SFX adventures of late.

Come by at 8:15 pm for drinks and home-made pizza. Show time begins at 8:30pm with a brand spakin' new trailer for Sin City as well as a short programme on the evolution of the CGI post-apocalyptic epic Robota, which may or may not ever make it to the theatres but is impressive nonetheless.


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