Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) is a breezy exercise in style and kinetic energy. This film was a double expresso to lovers of foreign film in 1998 and made careers for the director (Tom Tykwer) and lead actress (Franka Potente). The movie takes place over a span of about 20 minutes, when Lola receives a call from her boyfriend who is in frantic need of 100,000 DM (yes this is pre-Euro) within the next half hour or the local crime syndicate is going to have more than words with him. Lola sizes up her options and does indeed begin running.
The film is incredibly inventive, if you want to get all the nuances you have to pay attention, as it clips along at a fast pace, connecting various dots and paths by flash backs, flash forwards, and the occasional flash sideways (or something like it). The film uses animation, still photos, split screen and digital video as short-hand so it doesn't have to slow down for even a microsecond.
All in all it is a fabulous piece of entertainment and cinema.

Come on out and enjoy this, even if you've seen it before. It will certainly shed some light on the "Linguo" episode of the Simpsons, and it shows the writers of that show are a savvy bunch. Drinks at 8pm. Showtime at 8:30 pm.


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i love this movie. one long mtv music video :P

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