Tuesday, April 18, 2006

KBT Presents: CUBE

Coming up on its 10th Anniversary, Vincenzo Natali's Cube is a fine piece of Canadian science fiction. Part puzzlebox film (literally), part character-type melodrama, nightmare, it runs at a crisp (for the genre) 90 minutes and plays a nice balancing act between the puzzle-solving of the cube, the puzzle solving of purpose of each character, and the tensions of making up a 'team' of different personality types in a particularly dire situation. After a spectacularly visual opening scene involving great canadian character actor Julian Richings, the characters are introduced in one of the rooms of the cube. They do not remember how they got there, and they do not know why, where (or even when) they are there. However, they do know that many of the rooms of the cube are rigged with booby traps.

There is not much else to say without getting into pretty heavey spoiler territory. What will have to suffice is that there is the leader-conservative, the paranoid-liberal, the nihilist, the genius, the mentally handicapped and the techincal expert. The interaction between these folks (including their skill-sets) is somewhat of a microcosm of human interaction, and over the course of the film bits and pieces of common sci-fi questions emerge: "Why are we here?" "Who is in control?" and "How did public works, morality, and technology come to this?" (OK, the last question is more out of the school of Douglas Adams -- or --Terry Gilliam's Brazil --, but of course they would put it in a much wittier way than I am capable of!) Come to think of it, the film bears a bit of a resemblence to a previous KBT presentation, Primer; which also made the most of its zero-budget by doing a lot with a little and making the picture about ideas over spectacle.

Come out tonite @ 8pm and eat our kids Easter Chocolate with a cocktail or beer. Trailers & Showtime @ 8:30pm.


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