Thursday, May 31, 2007


Ahh, the compilation film. Usually they entertain in spurts but rarely reach the masterpiece level. This is due to the combination of many different styles/visions at play, a shorter time-span devoted to each part, and the very basic human need to spend more times comparing the parts than delving into them separately. Or perhaps we delve into them by comparison.

Usually, these compilations are in the horror genre and are usually content to break things into 3 or 4 stories such as Three...Extremes and Twilight Zone: The Movie. Often like-minded directors band together to try to blend a story together such as Four Rooms or Triangle. Even an auto company got into the act unifying half a dozen directors around Clive Owen and the BMW line of vehicles with a strange intersection of art and commerce in The Hire films.

Along comes Paris Je T'aime which is the juggernaut of compilations films. 18 short films based with each one set a different area (district) of Paris. Obviously the intent was to craft cinematic love letters in 8 minutes or less and there is some real talent involved from The Coen Brothers to Gus Van Sant; Alfonso CuarĂ³n to Vincenzo Natali. A fair number of French Directors are also involved, notably master animator Sylvain Chomet (Whose Triplettes de Belleville is a personal favorite of mine) and Olivier Assayas (whose Irma Vep I also adore).

I have nothing really to say about the film yet because I just got the DVD from Singapore (the only place its out with English subtitles) in the mail this afternoon. I imagine one cannot get bored in a film that shifts gears every few minutes or so. Then again, I don't expect any profound revelations for the same reason. That being said, KBT regular Glenn Loucks thought it was his favorite film at the 2006 entry of the Toronto Film Festival.

Come out and enjoy a dozen and a half odes to a city that inspires romantic notions throughout the world. White Wine, Raspberries and chocolate at 8pm. Trailers and Showtime at 8:30pm.


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