Saturday, September 11, 2004

Silver City

Silver city is loosely connected series of satirical sketches which are savage, sharp and best of all very, very funny. Director Jon Sayles is no stranger either the political film or the ensemble film. Here is is treading familiar territory as Lone Star, but with a different goal: The wholesale of American resources to private interests. Well that as well as corruption of the media, puppet strings on the politicans, the injustices of migrant labour and the failure of labour policies to be inforced within the commodies sector of the U.S. The cast is mostly underused, mainly due to the number of characters and ground the story wishes to cover. It includes a brilliant Chris Cooper as a wannabe Texan governer with no brain and hilariously bad public speaking skills (Similarities to actual politicans are absolutely intentional), Richard Dreyfuss as the Karl Rove type handler/political advisor who really runs the show, Kris Kristofferson as the Billianaire CEO who owns just about everything in Texas except the national parks, Daryl Hannah as the scandalous sister of the potential governer that is paid off to stay away, Billy Zane as a cynical political mouthpiece, Tim Roth as an underground conspiracy-newspaper editor, Danny Huston as the dorky, but earnest ex-reporter-turned-political messengerboy who finds not a closet full of skeletons, but an entire underground mine, and Marial Bello as his ex-girlfriend reporter.
The lack of focus prevents it from ever being one of Sayles masterpieces, but it is very, very good and the ending scene is as savage and condemning of the current U.S. administration as anything in a Micheal Moore picture.


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