Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Woodsman

The woodsman is a straight-up story of a pedophile who is trying to integrate himself back into society after 12 years in prison. He is not a nice man, and he is not innocent of his crimes, although the movie softens him a bit (he only touched little girls hair, no overt sexual acts are implied). The movie takes his side mainly and is a discourse on how people jump to conclusions and throw their blame, hate, and prejudice at the issue due to the emotional nature of his crimes. Though the movie could be about many other crimes which people believe are guilty before innocent.
There is the the cop that is always watching him with a hateful glare. Family members don't want to have anything to do with him. There is the girl at his office which begins digging into his past and showing printouts to his co-workers ("The community has a right to know"). But there is also a kind coworker who trys to understand him further and a fair boss which believes it doesn't affect his job (the work is in a lumber yard).
All the while, he is trying to rehabilitate but is tempted often by the kids on the bus and his own impulses. This movie is not handled in a facile way (as hopefully these few paragraphs do not imply), however it does feel 'scripty' at times because the movie is handling political issues and narrative simultaneously. It is a good, if dark mainstream film with an excellent performance by Kevin Bacon at the centre.


Blogger grace said...

i love kevin bacon. though i try to stay away from these kinds of movies... tend to depress me... will have to check this one out, though.

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