Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, for me, amouts to a feat of interesting art direction and images which fuel the imagination while simultaneously touching all of those Amazing Stories key moments: The lost island populated by dinosaurs, the glistening space ship blasting off, spotlights searching an art-deco New York skyline and tentacled giant robots destroying everything in sight. The movie leaps to life off the pages of a 1940s comic book through the lense of expressionistic noir lighting. It also is devoid of anything much beyond one long action sequence which starts 3 minutes in and finishes 30 seconds before the end credits.
There is not much more to say. I liked the movie while it was playing, and many memorable images are still imprinted on my brain. But there is not much here in terms of characters (read: emotion) or story beyond plot. This is not a major fault of the movie, I do honestly believe that it accomplished everything the creators set out to do, and big human drama was not a priority.
I hope more people step up and create films which have such a strongly focused vision. But one of these retro-futuristic popcorn munching movies is probably enough for now.


Blogger grace said...

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Blogger grace said...

i already really wanted to see it... your post just confirmed my need to see it...

also, angelina jolie looks hot with an eyepatch :P

we saw the preview at comic-con 2004. the guy who directed it and had the idea for it... he was pretty amazing. he had a clear vision of what he wanted and just went for it.

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